Mining software: new category in the database

Geotechpedia today proudly presents the new category for mining software. Mining is a highly profitable industry worldwide. For this reason several companies have developed mining related software i.e. mine stability design, 3D visualization of mines, cost estimation, underground mining, surface mining etc.


Geotechpedia team has worked in order to create a user friendly mining software category. The classification subcategories are the following: General, Mine management software, Surface mining software, Underground mining software. The General subcategory also includes mining software packages that deal with both surface and underground mining.

Additional information in Geotechpedia database concerning software packages is whether the license is commercial or free and whether you can try a demo version.

In order to optimize our new mining software category we welcome any comments and feedback you care to provide us!


About Elina Apostolou

Elina Apostolou is an Engineering Geologist. She received her bachelor degree in Geology from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in 2002, graduating from the Department of Dynamic, Tectonic & Applied Geology and specializing in Structural Geology and Geological Cartography. She received her master’s degree from Imperial College London in 2003, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering specializing in “Engineering Geology”. She worked as an Engineering geologist at Geodata Greece (Salonica), performing field work and composing geotechnical evaluations for various tunnel projects. For a short period of time she worked at the head office of Geodata SpA. in Turin Italy, acting as a liaison between the Greek branch and the Turin based office, considering a specific project. She worked as a geotechnical engineer – engineering geologist at General Consulting Ltd Istria for 4 years, specializing in various geotechnical engineering aspects. Her field of expertise includes geotechnical design of cut and cover tunnel portals, geotechnical evaluations of tunnels, earthworks (embankments, cuts) and structures, design of embankments and cuts, slope stability analysis, rockfall analysis and countermeasures. Meanwhile she received her second master’s degree from National Technical University of Athens in 2010, Department of Civil Engineering and Mining & Metallurgical Engineering, i.e. postgraduate award in “Design and Construction of Underground Works”.